Feb 25, 2008


Aside from tapas y cañas, there's another thing i cannot not have when visiting Spain, it's churros. There's a really good place for them, in a small neighborhood bar in Orcasitas, but unless you have a very specific reason (other than churros) to go there, it's more likely you will never end up setting foot in that area of Madrid.
I spent a few memorable summer nights over there, sharing a bedroom with my girlfriend, her brother and his girlfriend, and a very loud, out of this world portable R2D2 AC on wheels. God it was hot in that house!

For fresh churros there is a place that serves them all day, called Chocolateria San Gines (Pasadizo de San Ginés 5 Madrid 28013).
The tradition there is to dip your churros in hot chocolate, a drink i personally don't particularly relish at that place.
Aside from the servers, nothing has changed there in over 40 years.

And for dinner, back at Bocaitos on calle de la Libertad.

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