Mar 24, 2008

Beaubourg museum(2nd attempt)—I voodoo you

After waiting 45 minutes (20 of them standing outside in the really cold winter wind) i finally get to the ticket window and ask for 3 passes to the Louise Bourgeois exhibit. The ticket vendor tells me the show is momentarily closed and the next time i can get in that part of the museum is 8pm - that's 4 hours later. When i ask why nobody had let us know about it (the line was huge and i wasn't going to be the only one disappointed and exasperated) the guy says that they are about to announce it. I'm ready to buy tickets for the 8pm access but i ask him first if i'll have to wait in line again. He can't really assure me that i won't have to and then adds that the museum closes at 9pm. Good piece of information. I remind myself once again why i never go to museums on weekends and holidays. NEVER. Unfortunately that's how i ended up missing the X exhibit at the BnF, and that is partly why i ended up accepting to go to Beaubourg today, even though it is a big holiday. On my way out i'm not seeing anyone announce that the Louise Bourgeois exhibit is momentarily closed, but then i hear a very faint voice coming out of some speakers. If that's the announcement, let me tell you, nobody will hear it. I think the Centre George Pompidou speakers are blown!

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