Mar 15, 2008

Elevator out-of-order

Today we helped Albine move to her 6th floor apartment with no elevator, a bunch of really nice old ladies climbing up and down the stairs, one of which i had to make conversation with (she was 3/4 deaf so it quickly turned into a monologue) when stuck between two flights of stairs while the boys were carrying the big furniture up, and a fuckin' weirdo down in the basement, half enclosed in his garage box, smoking out the whole underground parking lot with some kind of illegal car-fixing activity! When i suggested he wears a mask he said no, i'm perfectly fine thank you like i should've minded my own business. Next time i'll straight up tell him to go take his offensive polluting hobby out in the boonies. That was so wrong. I walked into a shitload of toxic gas, and i'm not talking elevator full of people "toxic" gas... With a little bit more luck i could've stepped in canine excrement and that would've been the perfect picture. A fantastic illustration of how, at times, your fellow french citizen couldn't care less about his neighbors!
Albine leaves on the other side of Place de la Nation from me. On my way to her apartment i walked through the Place de la Nation to get a closer look at the statues. Oh my. La République (the statue at the very top) had a post-it on her belly; one of the two statues representing Work had a band-aid on his forehead; the statue of the child lifting a big heavy book symbolizing education and intellectual work had a condom on his penis and, last but not least, La Paix (the statue representing Peace) had a bunch of chewing-gum stuck all along her ass crack!

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