Mar 28, 2008

George W. Bush said it was "Irresponsible"

To the two democratic presidential candidates and their broad government rescue plans proposal for homeowners, President Bush and his top advisers say "that it would be a bailout for both irresponsible lenders and irresponsible borrowers." Irresponsible?! As in starting a war based on lies and sending thousands of soldiers to death, without counting all the innocent dismembered victims lying six feet under? As in supporting a health care system in which health insurance companies spend millions of dollars trying to figure out how NOT to insure their clients? As in the teaching of Intelligent Design in schools? As in signing a law prohibiting constitutional abortion rights? As in hindering scientific research for decades to come? As in not ratifiying the Kyoto protocol? Irresponsable? As in we the people have not yet managed to IMPEACH you?

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