Mar 22, 2008

Patrón Tequila in Paris, search no more!

It's not that my life revolves around good tequila but it did make me extra happy to get a bottle of Patrón Añejo from our Philly friend. I squeezed a shitload of lime (my bi/triceps were a little sore the next day, a bit pathetic but worth it) and made a big-ass bowl of guacamole. The tortilla chips weren't good. I haven't yet figured out where to get some good tortillas and tortilla chips.
More motivated than ever to find Patrón in Paris i finally ended up checking out IZRAEL - I guess finding out whether the store carried picante paprika wasn't a sufficient reason for me to go there - and to my delight it turns out i could find both the Silver/Reposado/Añejo Patrón tequilas AND pimentón picante. What really calmed me down though were the prices... 75€ the Silver tequila vs $40 in the U.S. That's a $118 bottle. Ouch. Aïe.

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