Mar 8, 2008

Tequila with Stéphanie à la Perla.

It is possible to find good Tequila in Paris but unfortunate that bars use lemon instead of lime for their Margaritas. And if anyone out there finds a place in Paris that compares, even remotely, to Doña Tomás or even Tacubaya you ought to let me know. Please. French people tend to think mexican food isn't worth a detour! Such snobbery. Introduce them to Doña Tomás and you'll get converts. I've done it, it works.
You are visiting and you are wondering what to bring me... here's an idea:
-Don Julio (Añejo for the shots or Blanco for the Margaritas)
-Patron Silver and i'll make you the same Margaritas that got us all wild back in the days when we partied all night in the backyard. Until the po-po came over and threatened to fine us if there were any more complaints from the neighbors. Which leads me to think i'll never party as hard in Paris - where we all live so much closer to each other - as i did back in West Berkeley (don't know why but it sounds funny to say this, Berkeley vs Paris...). It'll be a while before we own a Hotel Particulier in Paris that will allow my girl to spin records as loud as she wants. And by then i'll probably be too old to handle loud music and shake my booty until the crack of dawn! Actually, how hard we can party at home without disturbing the neighbors has become a rather determining factor as to which city we will settle down in. Barcelona, so far, seems like a good choice.

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