Apr 16, 2008

Paris 15th arr.— Cave de l'os à moelle

Right across the street from the very nice restaurant L'os à moelle, is the Cave de l'os à moelle (table d'hotes et cave à vin), the sister restaurant, that offers a much more easy going, rustic and simple kind of food. It serves traditional French food, the kind you would find in people's home - the home of those who still cook, stew their meats, grate their carrots or beats, make their own blood sausage terrine and serve oeufs à la neige (floating islands) for dessert. There are a few tables and also a communal one where appetizers get passed on from one end of the table to the other. If you are new and hungry do not hesitate to ask your neighbor for the food because nobody will bring it to you! Same with the wine, you get to pick your bottle right of the shelf and the waitress will open it for you at the table. As for the main course you get to chose from a fish dish or a meat one (you serve yourself) and cheeses and desserts are on a table, buffet style. The food is nice, simple and very unpretentious.
There's also the vél'Os à Moelle, a pic-nic-bicycle rental, a bicycle with a basket full of goodies for a lunch in the park or on the banks of the Seine or else.

181 rue de Lourmel, 75015 Paris. Closed on monday.

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