Apr 3, 2008

Paris in the springtime

Je suis tout excitee de pouvoir enfin me balader chez moi le cul nul sans me geler les fesses, les radiateurs eteints et la fenêtre grande ouverte.
C'est le printemps, les oiseaux gazouilles, les tourterelles roucoulent et les arbres s'habillent de vert acidulé.

On our way to a record store, an older guy recitates a poem when he sees us. Three lines. Something sweet. On our way to a second record store, another older guy greets us like he's seen us before: "salut les filles!". Men. Oh, and that one on the way to the market, behind his crèpes stand who says hi to me eventhough i totally wasn't looking at him, and that other one who sold me some red peppers and asked if i wanted something else, like him. And made the call me sign when i walked away.

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