Apr 1, 2008

Paris—Korean food

We are in the mood for some som tam (papaya salad) and kaow neow (sticky rice) at Bai Thong. We haven't even walked for 5 minutes when my brother scopes Kim & Kim, the Korean restaurant around the corner from my place; he looks at the menu posted in the window and recognizes a friend he hasn't seen in like ten years. He walks in to say hi; we are eating there. I was glad to check that place out and try something new. I keep thinking, with all the places worth trying why go back to something i've already been to, especially if it didn't completely blow me away. Well there are reasons to go back to places you like, it's called habits, rituals, comfort, met expectations, satisfaction... I enjoyed the simple yet warm and cozy atmosphere with its subdued lighting, a bunch of chimney-like lamps hanging over the tables. I think i just figured out what i dig about that place (besides the food): it's troglodyte feel to it (check out the walls, i think you'll see what i mean.)

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