Apr 23, 2008

Paris—L'Ecailler du bistrot (Fish/Seafood)

I always enjoy this place a lot. Might be a combination of the really tasty food, the wine that goes to my head, the friendly and super busy staff who laughs with us at my mother's jokes while taking an empty plate away and the British customer who knocks down our pepper shaker while sitting down and then knocks down his menu board.
We took my mama out to dinner early last night because she had to wake up at five the next day. When we sat down I noticed out the window a woman standing at her balcony. Twenty minutes later i looked up and to my surprise the woman was still there. Ten minutes later I looked up again and she was gone. My mom said she must've gone inside to watch the news on T.V (the evening news starts at 8pm). She looked at her watch and it was 8 sharp. When my dad moved to where he lives right now he got a paper in the mail from the Impôts (the French IRS) asking him to declare whether or not he had a T.V. In France there's a tax on televison called "la redevance audiovisuelle". So my dad checked the box that said he didn't have one. But it turns out he got taxed on it anyway. When he went to the Impôts to get his money back the woman behind the desk could hardly believe he did not have a T.V. In France statistics indicate that 3% of people don't have a T.V. but out of these 3% there's probably 2% who do own a television but do not declare it. Cheating small and feeling like a mega winner! Back to my dinner: we totally scored on the dessert with the fromage blanc Fontainebleau with raspberry coulis. My girl could not believe how good it was. This Is France. And as for Fontainebleau, more on that pretty town where I spent my last years of high school, later.

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