Apr 5, 2008


The East Bay has severely spoiled us. I had high expectation when i entered this newly opened pizza place in the Marais: La Briciola. I expected to be served a Pizziaolo/Dopo/Picco kinda pizza because the menu offered a wide and interesting range of pizza such as the "bianca", the kind served without tomato sauce, and accompanied with rocket (roquette) on top. The server brought us the wrong pizza. No biggie. Brought us the pizza before the antipasti. No biggie. Charged us the wrong pizza. No biggie. The wine was good. The server emptied the last of the bottle content in my glass and left it half-full. He came back to the table a few times but never with the wine. The pizza was disappointing but i'll go back and try a different one, so that if my hopes are going to be dashed it won't be based on a single pizza. The tiramisu isn't worth mentioning. The espresso was bitter and without crema on top (what else is new?) There was a couple sitting at a table with their dog, his two paws on the table. Nice. If you ever forget you're in France some things will always bring you back to reality. On the way out we saw a pizza on a table, the kind that was served with rocket on top. It didn't look anything like ours. It had much more green on it, like what we actually expected to be served. No biggie. The staff was really nice, and pretty overwhelmed. Oh, and if you want some water with your meal, ask for it first thing when you order, mention it again in the middle of your order and finish ordering by bringing it up once more. And then you might get some. Otherwise screw you. Be like a good old frenchman and eat your meal with wine. Stop complaining. Water makes one rust anyway. Capito?

So, Charlie "sacrebleu" Hallowell, i think it's time for you to travel again and come open a Pizzaiolo II in Paris, France. And if you ever decide to do something over here, bring your neighbors with you. Paris is in dear need of quality mexican food too. Doña Tomas II.

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