May 18, 2008

The gardener/architect/interior designer bird

Trust me, it doesn't matter that the voice over's in French. The bird's tribe-like dance at the end is priceless. Watch until the end. I giggled at the idea of human beings dancing in such a fashion but than i realized we kinda do at times. When taken out of its context, what we human beings do to attract one another's attention can be pretty silly and ridiculously amusing.

And since i can't get enough of it, here's some more (gotta appreciate MC Hammer's "can't touch this" as the soundtrack for the mating dance):

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Anonymous said...

Melders, the architect bird is called a "bower bird" in English (because he builds bowers...). He's my absolute all-time favorite. The other bird, with the M.C. Hammer dance, is some type of bird of paradise. Now you know why I am insane to get the real name of the Notre Dame pigeon. Old ladies are bird watchers. Mommers