May 4, 2008

Paris Paris Paris

I spent the day out yesterday, wandering the crowded streets of the 11th, 12th, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th arrondissements. Walking on the deserted rue des Martyrs in the 9th around 11pm was quite refreshing, and finding an open restaurant when everything else around was closed was even cooler.
When I passed by the Sainte Chapelle I thought it would be nice to visit it again. But then I saw the line and told Chess no frickin' way Josay. Gotta be seriously desperate to want to visit it on such a day. After several stops in cafés and bars and an amazing ice-cream shop — I'm pretty sure my mango sorbet from Le Bac à Glaces was better than my friends' four other flavors added together — we landed right underneath the Eiffel Tower. It was getting dark and ten minutes later, on the hour, it all lit up. Which is actually more magical from far away. Quite an impressive sight as always. The line to go up was even more impressive! I was thinking there should be a day when the tower's closed to tourists and only opened to Parisians. Buses spilling hordes of tourists all day 7 days/week line up alongside the most visited monument in the world (6 million visits/year), and that leaves me with little chance to spend some time there away from the crowd. The Eiffel Tower replica in Las Vegas should be life-sized and maybe there should be a few other ones in other parts of the world. There's probably enough people out there who would feel like they don't need to climb up the real thing if they'd experience one of its replicas. Some might even think it would save them an airplane ticket or something. Tourists start lining up two hours before the Eiffel Tower opens its doors to the public at 9.30am...
On my way home there was a young inebriated couple going down the metro stairs. The guy went through the turnstile before his girlfriend who seemed to have been stuck on the other side. I went through the turnstile before her and her boyfriend ended up taking my arm thinking I was her. I told him I wasn't the right person and we both laughed a lot.

Along my wanderings, here are a few things I stumbled upon:
- Vert d'Absinthe. Since I can't really afford good Tequila I'm thinking I could give Absinthe a shot, as long as it's not the homemade kind that my brother brought back home from the boonies that one time... I had barely wet my lips with that beautiful turquoise elixir and I could already see flames coming out of my mouth.
11 rue d'Ormesson, 75004 Paris.
- Artès. Before buying your Moleskine Weekly Diary online, because all the art stores around are sold out, check out this place. They specialize in the Moleskine notebooks and don't look like they'll be running out of them anytime soon.
46, rue Saint-André des arts, 75006 Paris.
- Great photos by Daido Moriyama at Kamel Mennour Gallery.
47, rue Saint-André des arts, 75006 Paris
- Fuxia. Italian restaurant open 7 days/week until 11pm.
25, rue des Martyrs, 75009 Paris (6 other locations in Paris).

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