Jun 25, 2008

Angers—the castle

"Owned by the City of Angers, the massive, austere château has been converted to a museum housing the oldest and largest collection of medieval tapestries in the world, with the 14th century "Apocalypse Tapestry" as one of its priceless treasures. As a tribute to its fortitude, the château has never been taken by any invading force in history."

The TGV ride from Paris-Montparnasse to Angers is the length of a feature film. It's a quick ride to a totally different, and extremely charming, part of France. Being away from the dense human and automobile traffic for a day can be a real treat, and the awesome tapestries of the Apocalypse are definitely worth the detour. Get off the train, go have lunch at the Villa Toussaint, walk to the castle, spend the afternoon there, and then head to la Ferme de l'île Saint Aubin for an aperitif (check ahead of time if the island has been submerged by the Maine river - the Maine and the Loire rivers are notorious for rising high and submerging the surrounding land. Here's the number:02 41 22 32 30) before heading back to the train station to catch your train back to Paris.

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