Jun 28, 2008

Paris—Gay Pride '08

The French Gay Pride was awesomely messy and unorganized (or so it looks), stretching its 4 hour long parade into a 6 or 7 hour long loud and colorful manifestation; 3 miles with, at times, big empty spaces between floats and no distinction between those who partook in the parade and those who watched it. No cops were in sight and there were no barricades along the way!
The organizers estimated the amount of people to be between 700,000 and 500,000. The police estimated the amount to be 250,000!

I way prefer the Paris Gay Pride to the SF one but I terribly miss the SF Dyke March. There's nothing like it. Paris needs a big SF Dyke March to tell all those naive French straight dudes who laugh at women holding hands that if only they knew what these women can do without them, they'd stop looking at lesbians like they are a joke. They would stop acting like their dicks are bigger than your mama's dildo.

my pics here.

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