Jul 25, 2008


The best in the realm of unusual plants.
A must see.

24 Avenue Victoria
75001 Paris

Paris—Bakelite bangles

Circa 1930’s and 1940’s awesome vintage bakelite bracelets, at the pocket size 20 sur 20 jewelry store. I'm diggin' the vivid color combinations among the displayed items. Smooth and intricately carved bangles range between 50€ to 150€.

20 sur 20
3, rue des Lavandières Sainte-Opportune
75001 Paris

Jul 21, 2008

The Urban Forrest Project

Rob Alexander's banner:
"In this tree are the national birds of every country currently at war or in an ongoing conflict. Each bird is illustrated in the colors of its national flag."

Jul 10, 2008

On the road again: on the way to visiting Lautrec and Gaillac

Mazamet: first stop on the way to Lautrec and Gaillac

Haybayles on the way to Lautrec

View from Lautrec's highest point, facing the Pyrenées

Gaillac and its river: the Tarn

Jul 8, 2008

Around Caunes-Minervois

Peyriac: when the after-school program school turns into the "Best Gym" club.

Azille's "salle du peuple": you know that's a communist town.

Jul 6, 2008

Back at dad's

the pine tree bird house

the mulberry tree bird house

the walnut tree bird house

the tiny apple tree

the walnut trees