Aug 11, 2008

Belle-île-en-Mer: j'adore!

The "taco truck" of Brittany, right off the highway.

Leaving the town of Quiberon for Belle-île-en-Mer.

Morning coffee on the hotel terrace.

Our hotel overlooking port Goulphar.

A few hundred meters away from our hotel, the Hotel Grand Large kept reminding me of Norman Bates.

Goulphar lighthouse.

Right next to the Aiguilles de Port Coton, the famous needlelike rocks immortalized by Monet, the stormy weather and the crazy winds greeted us with foamflakes coming all the way from the ocean up to the top of the cliff and higher!

Arrows pointing towards far away destinations.

On our way to Sauzon, an 8 km bicycle ride, up and downhill.

Passing by fields of ruminants...

Passing by trailers...

Port Sauzon.

Our favorite restaurant in Belle-île: le Contre Quai (I didn't know cod could taste so good.)

A Breton house, on our way to Herlin Beach, past the town of Bangor.

Herlin beach, reached after walking on a trail in a forest.

Herlin beach.

Donnant beach.

The surfers of Donnant beach.

A photographer on Donnant beach.

The cliff overlooking Donnant beach.

Les aiguilles de Port Coton on a sunny day.

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