Nov 29, 2008

Nicolas Sarkozy and the Voodoo Doll

Unbelievable. Nicolas-President-Almighty has won the lawsuit against Tear Prod, the company that put voodoo dolls bearing his effigy on the market!
How hypocritical of a man who said, back in 2007, that he fully supported Charlie Hebdo, the newspaper who published the very controversial caricatures of Mohammed(Mahomet). He understood at the time that muslims could be hurt by it but that they needed to understand that the French Republique has a tradition of caricature, a tradition he was not about to compromise. He added being in favor of an excess of caricature rather than a lack of. I wonder what happened to what he used to call his "conception of democracy" and the right to freedom of speech..."Je veux être le président de la libérté d'expression contre toutes les intolérances".

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