Dec 17, 2008

Bush, humiliated?

"As our global community transitions from the ill-fated presidency of George W. Bush to the much-anticipated presidency of Barack Obama, we can take comfort knowing the gigantic imprint of history's "shoe" will leave a much more humiliating mark on the Bush legacy than a pair of misguided size 10 Iraqi shoes thrown in his general direction."
-Arsalan Iftikhar

Exactly my point.
I don't really see Bush being more humiliated by a pair of shoes thrown at him than by his own idiosyncrasies. The shoe throwing incident can't possibly be more humiliating than the plethora of bushisms the world has seen and made fun of over his 8 years of presidency. Bush's whole presidency has been punctuated by such humiliating moments that they will forever be part of History. Actually he even managed to turn most of those moments into a joke, laughing at himself with the rest of the world so as to not be the butt of the joke, but rather the joker himself. Killing two birds with one stone Bush made a crack about the size of the shoes thrown at him while at the same time belittling the gesture of the man throwing shoes at him. He actually managed to show the world he has some good reflexes too. It would probably have been a different story had he been hit in the face by the guy's shoes. Imagine Bush with a red size 10 shoe mark on his cheek!
What i did find very humiliating was the G20 summit world leaders refusing to shake hands with Bush, or worse, ignoring him altogether. Here too, it was all gesture, but this time he was completely alone against a whole group of people and there was no culprit to blame for what was happening to him. That to me said much more than 2 shoes he managed to duck, no matter how insulting it is in the Arab world. After all, Bush got tomatoes thrown at him, by his own people, on his way to the White House on inauguration day.

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