Dec 15, 2008

The new hip trio of "caganers": Obama, Carla and Nicolas

Cagar means to shit in Spanish. "Caganer" is Catalan for "pooper".
"The caganer is a particular feature of modern Catalan nativity scenes... The exact origin of the Caganer is lost, but the tradition has existed since the 17th century."
Among the explanations as to why a "caganer" would have its place in a holy scene, here are some of my favorites:
-"The Caganer represents the equality of all people: regardless of status, race, or gender, everyone defecates."
-"The idea that God will manifest her/himself when s/he is ready, without regard for whether we human beings are ready or not."

Looks like Carla's poop's darker than Nicolas'. It is definitely redder — I wonder if that was an attempt from the caganer makers to match Carla's hair with her poop. Lovely. In the realm of good taste we are flying high and fast, we might even have reached the sound barrier.
I don't know how Nicolas Sarkozy feels about this one but I'd rather be represented as a voodoo doll than as a pooper. Knowing how he felt about the voodoo doll bearing his effigy, he must feel pretty fucked up right now! Although now that Obama has his own caganer Sarkozy might feel as popular as the President-elect. And that my friend isn't negligible.

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Je Déféque, donc je suis.

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