Oct 26, 2007

A few days in Madrid

where to get the best fried cod: "Revuelta"
C/ Latoneros 3, 28005 Madrid, Spain.
ask for the "bacalao".

One day in Madrid i counted 150 women (i didn't round up that number, i just stopped counting at that amount) wearing an ensemble of red and black. Mainly a red top with a black bottom, sometimes the other way around, and every once in a while it was all red with an accent of black or all black with a touch of red. Expanding the palette to a trio of hues, there was the occasional white color added to the ensemble such as a black and white dress covered with a red coat. The sexiest combination (or was it the lady wearing it?) was the black shoes, black fishnet tights, black skirt, red top ensemble.

another day, in the Retiro park, i saw a dude on a skateboard. he was moving forward at a good pace but his feet never touched the ground: the skateboard was propelled by an engine placed underneath it.

i saw a white spanish dude wearing a do-rag. so out of context.

i met a woman who looked a little funny but it wasn't until i noticed that her lipstick was going way off the trail that i begun to understand why. ditto for the eye shadow/liner, her all in one eye make-up.

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