Oct 29, 2007

Plants from the garrigue and chestnuts for dinner

Simple dishes such as cheeses, cold cuts, radishes, grapes, and chesnuts wrapped up in newspaper to keep them warm lay on the table. It was tapas style dinner at the neighbors and we were gathered around one end of a big table while more than half of the other end was occupied by things. I sat right in front of the t.v, a little chatting box behind my back. The hostess rolled her eyes at her husband until he reluctantly switched off the t.v.. she was probably thinking it isn't "proper" to have the t.v. on while you have guests over. [I'm thinking, we're all crunched up on one end of the table, that's roots, so why bother with the dos and donts, lets burp and fart and be merry.] Burps and farts aside, we did get merry, drank some red wine and then some more and didn't have to worry about the farting until later that night when the chestnuts made their way into our guts. The hostess asked for her glass to be refilled and insisted on having red because that's what she drinks. Third round she pours herself some white wine and ends up with rosé in her glass. Wow. We finished our glasses, ate some grapes and coffee was served. The hotess dropped two sugar cubes in her glass and poured some. Hecka.

(I saw a man once pour some red wine in his half emptied glass of white so that he'd get a self-made rosé and i thought it was because he was American and therefore didn't have a problem doing and being whatever it is he wanted to do/be. Americans have this way of being extreme in many ways and being fine with it; they don't try to be better than others, they just want to be free to be who they are... I once experienced folsom street fair and i know how free they like to be.)

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