Feb 10, 2008


I have no word to describe how beautiful Paris is. Mind-blowingly stunning. Breath-takingly gorgeous. Strolling with loved ones along the Seine, on a street that is closed off to traffic for most of the day on weekends, and passing underneath a succession of bridges that all tell a different story while the light casts its golden glow over the city, leaves me with one word only, JOY.

Saturday. There was a bunch of us, brother, girlfriend, cousins and friends, walking across the city, trying to wade our way through an uninterrupted flow of people and traffic, stopping here and there in different neighborhoods for a drink or two and enjoying each other's company in a city like no other. The springlike weather made us feel like the world belonged to us. Too late in the evening to find seats in the neighborhood's Japanese restaurants, we ended up sipping a few bottles of Billecart Salmon champagne at the Hotel Costes before satiating our hunger with cheesburgers and fries(really good ones) down the street at Cafe RUC at one in the morning. And when the metro no longer runs we have the Velib to take us home.
We'll save Kai restaurant for another night (Sushi Ran, i miss you so).

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