Feb 4, 2008

Ten things I like about France

-Some really unsophisticated t.v commercials that are so bad they are good (a baby's arm sticking out of its mother's belly, flipping her the bird, and looking like some alien erection...!?)-i mean bad.

-The 30 year old (cute)guy who gets his afternoon pain au chocolat (kid)snack when buying his evening baguette. I see the child in him.

-More than a decade after i left home, i can still see naked women on yogurt/shampoo commercials. Some things never change — home sweet home!

-Dog owners have started picking up after their pets, albeit not enough.


-Smoke-free bars, cafés and clubs (apparently clubbers have been complaining about body odors since the cigarette ban!)

-Good wines under 10€


-Securité Sociale

-Profusion of boulangeries/patisseries/chocolatiers

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