Jan 24, 2008

An afternoon à la Secu.

A mother, with her child in a stroller, walks in the "securité sociale" office; the kid is very animated, not A.D.D like, just a kid with stories to tell and maybe not getting much attention. So the kid's talking without his mom answering or asking him to turn it down and all of a sudden one of the securité social workers yells across the room: we are not in a park so calm your joy down!
That was so gracious!It sent me right back really deep into the good old testy french culture. Which reminds me of a very good book written by a couple of canadian journalists, Jean-Benoit Nadeau & Julie Barlow, titled: sixty million frenchmen can't be wrong (why we love france but not the french). which is now titled: sixty million frenchmen can't be wrong, what makes the french so french. Dommage, the first title was much funnier!

"Calmer sa joie" is a french expression that pretty much means: stop getting all excited.

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