Jan 14, 2008


French television needs a set designer. What's up with the electric blues, bright pinks, flashy purples and flamboyant reds bombarding you while you're trying to follow a debate? There's nothing wrong with my t.v settings—my eyes would probably still hurt, from such vibrant intensity, should i switch the image to grayscale.
Then there's the occasional show that looks like it was done with no budget, like that weird handicap porn on the Berkeley Community Access Channel. There was a short documentary about lingerie in which the model looked sort of what can be described as "your mama in shorts posing in front of Safeway". In other words, it wasn't Gisèle modeling for the camera.
Thinking about the well organized, super controlled american t.v shows, french t.v is starting to really amuse me. In Frédéric Taddeï's show "ce soir (ou jamais)" the guests speakers (who sit on blinking flashy rainbow colored plastic boxes) are surrounded by a crowd of people hanging out, each with a glass in their hand and chatting freely while the live show is being recorded right there on the same set. And i'm pretty sure it's not water they are sipping.

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