Jan 9, 2008

Paris—massage therapist

I love massages and i like them long too. The 1/2 hour chair massages are nice but thinking about the end when it has barely started, because it's always too short, sucks. As a gift, i was recently given a massage with someone who was highly recommended to me.I now know who to see and it's right next to the Beaubourg Museum (metro Rambuteau). The massage is a combination of Chi Nei Tsang, Shiatsu and Amma. This massage therapist loves to give massages (she has another job that involves dealing with the mind rather than the body) and she works 2 hour-long sessions so that the patient gets an opportunity to lose his/her sense of time and to relax. She also chooses to charge less than average to make sure that people who like her massages will come back. It is more important for her to keep giving to those who know her massage techniques and want more of it than provide to those who will only come once because it is too expansive to come back. Her rates are below average and definitely don't reflect her talent.
As for Chi Nei Tsang(click for definition in french), i believe everyone should try it. Everyone can get something out of it, whether the effects of this massage are clearly noticable or not. And if you don't notice it right away, you will sooner or later.

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