Jan 16, 2008

Barack vs Hillary—the pendulum complex

Emotional voting in the time of an unprecedented presidential race.
"Obama's supporters have accused Clinton and her surrogates of racial insensitivity after she suggested that King needed President Lyndon B. Johnson to transform his vision of equality into reality. Clinton had accused Obama's surrogates of "distorting" her record. The fight over those statements came as polls showed an overwhelming majority of black voters abandoning Clinton for Obama - while a substantial majority of white Democrats back Clinton."
The average voter's choice of candidate seems directly influenced by who "stabbed" who, who said what to who, what hurtful comment or maladroit statement was made. Today you say you'll vote for X, tomorrow you'll want to vote for Y and after tomorrow you'll go back to your original choice, before realizing that actually you will finally choose Y when the time has come. But then again...

Tout notre raisonnement se réduit à céder au sentiment (all our reasoning boils down to yielding to sentiment). Blaise Pascale (1623-1662).

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