Jan 3, 2008


There's nothing like going out in Paris and coming home without smelling like an ashtray. It's sort of strange to see people smoke outside no matter how cold it gets (feels like i haven't left California yet!)
Some choose to sit outside just so that they can smoke while sipping their coffee or eating their meal. I find it hard to believe considering that the temperatures oscillate between 32 and 40 degrees F. Unless these people are made of something else, i call this masochism.
A sign in a cafe said "no smoking" in five different languages (bar owners can be fined €750 for leaving ashtrays on the tables...) This is definitely a new era.
The non-smoking law was supposed to be implemented on the 1st of January but the government was nice enough to put the law into effect the next day. You can't ask people partying on new year's eve to suddenly, because it's the first of the month, step outside to smoke their cancer stick.
The other advantage to this new law is that i can see much better when i'm hanging out at bars or cafes. No more cloud between me and the rest of the room, no more stinging watery eyes and no more contact lens issues.

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