Jan 8, 2008

La galette des rois

The january delicacy (for a little history on the galette des rois click on the title.)
Look for a good boulangerie/patisserie to experience the best galette, it's worth it. Just because you are in France doesn't mean that the bread or pastries will be good everywhere. I tried Gerard Mulot's and it delighted my taste buds. The guy is serious about his pastries because eventhough i did not expect to find a lucky charm in my galette, i did, and it wasn't a plastic one (don't even think about suing your bakery if you were to break a tooth on one of those ceramic lucky charms.) Gerard Mulot opened a third bakery (6 months later and they still haven't updated their website) at Rue du Pas de la Mule et Rue des Tournelles (see map). That said, the galette des rois from the bakery around the corner from where i live is even better: boulangerie Lecomte, Bld Voltaire, Paris 11ieme.

I can't believe the amount of bakeries, chocolatiers, pharmacies and hair salons Paris has to offer. Something like one a block in some areas.

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