Jan 24, 2008

Paris—Le Pain de Sucre pastry shop

Paris is such a tease!
I happened to stroll by a very pretty pastry shop — Le Pain de Sucre, with its perfect looking pastries and jewelry-like glittering marshmallow cubes on sticks. It felt like a very sophisticated and tiny factory where macarons are made for visual delight as much as for gustative bliss. Imagine a sour cherry/pistachio macaron: two deep lip-smacking red round meringue-like domes tenderly squeezing a mouthwatering dark green layer of pistachio. If you want to be lured into a world of ambrosial pastries and luscious color combinations, all you have to do is walk down rue Rambuteau. you don't need the address, as you pass by the shop something will instinctively attract you, pull you in, whisper to you until you push open the front door and step in.

Closed on Tuesday & Wednesday.

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