Jan 13, 2008

Hillary Rodham Clinton

Ms Hillary Rodham Clinton should've let Annie Leibovitz take another photo of her for Vogue Magazine. She looked good on the December 1998 (u.s.)Vogue cover and i'm thinking she would've looked even better this time. I think power adds a certain (sex)appeal to some who would otherwise seem completely bland (i wonder if Carla would be going out with Nicolas if he weren't the President of France...)
There is nothing wrong with looking glamorous and being a presidential candidate. As a matter of fact i think it's even better: being smart and looking good is better than being smart without looking good. Mr Bill Clinton got his dick sucked while in office, it didn't make him less of a President, did it? Mrs Hillary Rodham Clinton isn't "struggling to create a persona", she's way too busy for that. And to those who think she has changed her image so many times that it "doesn't feel genuine", it doesn't matter an iota because you are the ones either against a woman being president or against a democrat being at the head of the nation.
It's pretty amazing to see how much of one's partisanship influences one's criticism of a candidate (which reminds me of how much condemnation Sarkozy got from the socialists for being so public about his new love affair.) I am completely bewildered to see how much shit a candidate gets for saying something like "you are likable enough" or for another one to display signs of emotions...
Georgia congressman and civil-rights veteran John Lewis said: "I hope we will put these issues of gender and race to rest and return to the marketplace of politics." Yeah, i would hope so too but it ain't gonna happen! As a black democrat how can you pass an opportunity to elect a brother for President? You can't. It's too big and too important to pass. As a white democrat as well. But then comes in the gender issue. How can you, as a (white)female pass the opportunity to vote for a woman president? For a lot of the people voting democratic this is not going to be a vote based solely on the candidate's program. And for those making fun of a candidate getting a little too emotional or a little too "offensive", how much of them are going to vote based on the fact that they don't want to see a woman or a black man for president rather than on the politics of the candidate? How much of those votes are going to be "emotional" votes rather than informed and thoughtful votes?

If i had it my way i would elect a male-to-female black transsexual lesbian president.

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