Jan 21, 2008

India's Hijras—third sex

Males, transgendered or transexuals, sometimes intersexed, considering themselves neither man nor woman, but dressing up as women.

On castration:
-Does it hurt?
-Not really, it hurts like the bite of an insect.

-Isn't it terribly painful?
-No, the goddess gives us the strengh to go through it. one can die from a cut on the finger but with the help of the goddess the procedure's harmless.
-What about the hemorrhage?
-There isn't any. it only bleeds for ten minutes and then it stops. And two days later we throw some oil on the wound.
-What do you do with the penis?
-We bury it in the ground.

What surprises me the most isn't so much the lifestyle of the hijra but rather the widespread habit of "straight" men, married or not, to visit hijra prostitutes, or even better, lead double lives with some of them.

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